Welcome to our clinic for dental excellence


Dr. Pandit’s Clinic For Dental excellence and Implant Centre is one of the best dental clinic in Pune.
This dental clinic has well qualified, well experienced dentist and specialty dentists committed to dental excellence. They are committed in giving and maintaining  high standards of dental treatments. All the dentists and super speciality dentist have more than 12 to 15 years of experience.

This clinic has working doctor

1) Orthodontist, doctor : For Teeth alignment , correcting occlusion.

2) periodontist : For treating Gum Diseases like periodontitis , gingivitis, Implantitis, Gum Dipigmentation,

3) doctor pedodontist  : Treating children from age group of 1.5 yrs to 14 yrs . Children requires special attention as they are developing caries early . Pedodontist can do fillings , Rootcanal treatment with steel or zirconia crowns , Space maintainers for maintaining space for eruption of permanent teeth. It is given in a situation if milk teeth falls early than their average age..

4)doctor implantologist : for replacing missing teeth with permanent  ( Long Lasting ) implants We have different options for replacing multiple teeth depending on type of prosthesis  fixed one or removable one.

5), doctor endodontist,

6)doctor prosthodontist .

This dental clinic follows all protocol of sterilisation and hygiene maintenance. We use autoclaved pouches to autoclave instruments. It is the first priority in our clinic.This dental clinic always keep it updated with new trends in dentistry such as advanced dental technology, advanced dental equipments and instruments. Dentists and super speciality dentist working here keep their knowledge up dated. They keep their knowledge updated by attending different dental conferences, attending scientific programmes, reading dental magazines, journals, presenting scientific papers. Dentists working here always use standard certified dental materials.They don’t compromise in standard of materials and treatments.Dr. Pandit has clinic in Baner and Pashan at ground floor which is very easily accessible with ample parking area.
These dental clinics are well equipped for

  • Rootcanal treatments
  • Dental Implants
  • Teeth whitening
  • Laser dental treatments
  • All kinds of dental crowns &bridges
  • Gum dipigmentation
  • Flap surgery of gum ( for periodontitis)
  • Teeth alignment (With dental braces )
  • Smile makeover with dental laminates ,gum contouring
  • Gap closure
  • Wisdom tooth surgery ( For removal of wisdom tooth )
  • Dental fillings